Team: Matthew's Team!
Slogan: Mommy (Laura) and Matthew want you to help us save children in need!

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Welcome to the Matthew's Team! page
April 12, 2010
Laura (Mommy) - Matthew's First Birthday Party photos link - he had a special day - you can help children know someone loves them too!

April 12, 2010
Laura (Mommy) - PS: we picked Burkina Faso for our country because this is a country in West Africa where I used to have a King Air based for a period of time in 2007, so it has special interest for us!

April 12, 2010
Laura (Mommy) - In honor of Matthew's first birthday, we set up this website to help find more sponsors for kids in need! Last year at Compassion Sunday Matthew helped Mommy find sponsors, and he did a great job. Now we're going online to help more!