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Slogan: My Desire is to Inspire

Help Us Find Sponsors for Children in Need!
Welcome to the Jason_Craig_Challenge page
April 16, 2010
Jason - Check out my blog that accompanies this challenge - Soon there will be an awesome video (we think it is anyway) to encourage you to get up and move and sponsor a child. Keep the sponsorships coming!!

April 08, 2010
Jason - Welcome to the Child Sponsorship page of 210-in-2010. My challenge is to lose 100lbs of body weight (so I weigh 210lbs) by October 20th 2010. I want to inspire 210 people to sponsor children. Join my challenge and lets see these children cared for.

April 08, 2010
Jason_Craig_Challenge - Our prayer is that this page will help more children find sponsors. Sponsoring a child will profoundly change the future for the child you sponsor - and will change your own life as well. Sponsor a child today!